Video Brings Results

Examples showing the results from two of our campaigns!

Georgia get over 1,100 views

Our short campaign for Georgia gets a pleasing 1,100 views.  Given their facebook page has 500 likes,. and this has not been a promoted campaign, I am very pleased.

This is a new campaign, and it clearly shows good interaction with our advertising.

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An example from a different campaign running our video advertising intermittently

Some customers choose to run our video material to support their brand intermittently.

Here are some examples from a different client where their social media team run static images on their posts at other times.

The statistics don't lie. Page views and interaction with your facebook page can be clearly correlated to the use of our online vidoes to promote your brand.  

We have recently agreed to do a new series of video advertisements with the client, in line with the hard proof that our videos get results their social media team simply were not delivering.

Page Views follow video views

For another customer we have done two video campaigns Here are the video views from facebook showing the two spikes when we ran video campaigns for a client.

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The associated page views

It's evident that page views directly spike along with the video views from our campaigns. 

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