Talking heads to turn heads

How a frank conversation can lead to conversions

Businesses such as John Cadogan's is a great example of a website which uses a "talking head" to promote his business.


The key to this strategy however is to create content which builds trust with your customers.  Your customers will listen to your sales pitch, so long as you give them genuine views on the topics they are concerned about.

Jnon Cadogan's videos are remarkable not only by excellent expertise in the field but they are extremely fun to watch I would argue even to not drivers. Due to his confident knowledge of the topic he doesn't need to spend time proving that he has done his homework instead he focuses on making a quality humorous and well structured content with jokes, clever references and always relevant and thorough advise. The most important value for me in this channel is the fact that John interacts with his audience through candid banter and true care for the car users.

I personally do not have a car and don't plan to buy one soon nevertheless I watch his videos for many reasons. Firstly I enjoy to listen to his witty humorous comments and representation. Checking out the shirt he is wearing ( I like his shirts). And I anticipate the part of the show where hi is answering troll's comments (like a boss) and takes a call through a glass dildo. On top of it there is always something useful to learn and listen to his advise towards genuine questions people leave in comments.
To cut a long story short - "'Stralia!!! Yesss!".

To quote John Cadogan's reply to me on this topic

"Daria. Yes, I think the key to building trust here is to be authentically yourself and honest about where you stand on matters of interest to the audience."

What a guy.

OK, seriously if you are an owner of a business in which you are an expert and you want to connect and engage in long term with your customers this promotional model will work very well for your. And I, Dasha, will be happy to help you to shoot and assemble the videos.