Love it or hate it

The Marmite Lesson

Marmite, a breakfast spread which causes mixed emotions due to the very strong taste.


In fact the taste is so remarkably different and odd that there is no middle ground opinion among consumers. Brand cleverly talks openly about product's peculiar taste and the mix feedback without omitting negative once. The attempt to avoid addressing the actual product properties for instance by putting a snobbish label "for those who understand complicated tastes" or just shameless bragging "nutrition with big taste" would not yield the same good results as humorous and frank campaign.This way even negative comment "I hate Marmaite" turns out supporting brand aligning with promotion and have clients who hate your product buying it in order to make a video with them cringing and spiting after the degustation and then posting in at YouTube. Free publicity, isn't it peachy!

Yet producers and manufacturers of Marmite love their product and made a beatuful joke about people who don't share their view making a brilliant parody of Pet's Control documentary. This is definitely a cinematic ad which one wants to watch again for it's splendid cinematic qualities.

In conclusion - Marmate has one of the most clever, throughout and assertive advertising concepts which works worldwide.