Consent and Tea

Tea and Consent


Here is a great example how very simple line drawn stark animation can successfully dig into a very complex abstract issue.  The analysis is build around metaphor - sex as a tea. This way a very delicate topic is "defused" and can be talked about.
Animation is a perfect tool for explaining or telling a complex idea with an abstract aspect to it, from a storytelling perspective and speaking budget. This little cartoon is remarkable due to the fact that drawing here is as simple and primitive as you can get. This design decision is excellent in two ways. First it assists to lift up a weight of inherently embarrassing  touchy topic and makes it fun. Secondly it is very budgety!
Animation can be done in various budgets, it has a direst correlation with a level of drawing and complexety of animation itself. And this example perfectly proves that the cheapest option can work out very well. 

One of the direct proofs that video was successful is a fact that it was followed by a parody which digs deeper into a matter. The starkness of the media makes difficult discus possible and observes the hard state of affairs at the present time in our society. If there were no first video which opened the topic and the media would be more complicated (more complex character drawing, animation tricks etc) the message would become heavier thus more difficult to convey to the viewer.